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Social Studies Teachers

Michelle Agee - Room 315: Honors Government/Econ & Honors World History
Helena Baier - Room 308: AP US History & Standard US History

Amy Barnett - Room 304: Personal Finance
Doug Guelde - Room 312: Standard US & World History, PE
Bridget Hackney - Room 307: AP World Geography, Standard Government & Standard World History

Kurt Scheib - Room 316: Standard & Honors US History

Mr. Scheib's U.S. History Textbook

Darryl Travis - Room 311: Standard Economics & Boys Basketball

Wes Inman - Room 310: Standard World History



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Mission Statement

Portland High School will strive to engage learners through unique, diverse, and differentiated opportunities, connect students to lifelong skills and trades to enhance college and career readiness, and empower students and teachers to embrace leadership and service roles in their local community.

Vision Statement

Portland High School commits to graduating college and career ready students who will serve as productive citizens for the community.