Graduation Requirements

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High School Graduation RequirementsPurpleGradCap

English Language Arts 4 credits
Mathematics* 4 credits
Science** 3 credits
Social Studies*** 3 credits
Wellness 1 credit
Physical Education 0.5 credit
Personal Finance 0.5 credit
Foreign Language**** 2 credits
Fine Arts****
1 credit
Elective Focus 3 credits
Additional SCS Electives 4 credits

A special education diploma may be awarded to students with disabilities who have (1) not met the requirements for a high school diploma, (2) have satisfactorily completed an individualized education program, & (3) have satisfactory records of attendance & conduct.
High School Graduation Requirements
*Students shall be required to achieve at least the following: Algebra I, Geometry, & Algebra II (or equivalents) plus one additional mathematics course beyond Algebra II. All students will be enrolled in a math class each year. Students with qualifying disabilities as documented in the individualized education program may take Algebra IA, Algebra IB, Geometry A, and Geometry B for their required math classes over four years. Students who enter 9th grade having earned any high school math credits must still complete four credits in high school taking one math class per year.
**Students shall be required to achieve at least Biology I & either Chemistry or Physics plus another laboratory science. Students with qualifying disabilities in reading and/or math as documented in the individualized education program shall be required to achieve at least Biology I & two other lab science credits.
***The social studies curriculum shall include United States History, World History/World Geography, Economics, and Government.
****In exceptional circumstances, schools may waive the foreign language & fine art requirement for students who are not planning to attend a university to expand & enhance their elective focus.

Mission Statement

Portland High School will strive to engage learners through unique, diverse, and differentiated opportunities, connect students to lifelong skills and trades to enhance college and career readiness, and empower students and teachers to embrace leadership and service roles in their local community.

Vision Statement

Portland High School commits to graduating college and career ready students who will serve as productive citizens for the community.