Home of the Panthers
Portland High School


504 Team: Woods, A. Hall, Newson, School Nurse

Academic Team - Sponsor: Baier

Advanced School Accreditation: Creek, W Goostree, Coots, Woods, Meadows

Art Club - Sponsor: Uhls

Athletic Directors:  Lesemann & R. Goostree

Band: Driver

Baseball: Martin, Guelde, Robertson, & Dixon

Basketball - Boys: Travis & Hardin

Basketball - Girls: Hill, & Tomlinson

BEP Committee: Woods, Cavannah,B Kirkham, Hager, Scheib, Lesemann, J Spears, M Allen

Beta Club - Sponsors: Barnett & Brown

Book Club - Sponsors: Gilliam & Creek

Bowling: J Smith & Foster

Career Day: Keith & Starnes

Cheerleaders: Harlow

Chorus -  Sponsor: Warren

Class Sponsors - Freshmen: Latimer & J Adams

Class Sponsors - Sophomores: Tomlinson, Peterson, & Adkins

Class Sponsors - Juniors: H Kirkham, B Kirkham, & McNeil

Class Sponsors - Seniors: Keith

Credit Recovery/Math Lab: Butler, J Smith, M Allen, Lynn, Thornton

Crew: Starnes

Cross Country: Lynn

DECA - Sponsor: Mary Beth Allen & Smart

Department Chairs: Agee, Allen, Hickman, Lane, McNeil, Perry, Rippy, J. Smith

FBLA - Sponsor: Keith, Smart, & Hartle

FCA - Sponsor: Hager & Starnes

FCCLA - Sponsor: Harlow & McNeil

FFA - Sponsors: Kirkham & Reed

Football: Cavannah, Nelson, Guelde, Turner, T Adams,  Hall, Stinson, Combs, Hodges, & Douglas

Fundraising / Magazine Drive: Smart, Starnes, & Woods

Golf: Elliott & Coots

Graduation / Awards / Diplomas: Creek, McNeil, Keith, Kennedy, E. Miller, Newson

HOSA - Sponsor: West & Kirkham

International Club - Sponsors: A. Spears, D. Smith & J. Spears

LAG Club - Sponsor: Huggins

Leadership Team: Woods, W Goostree, Coots, Rippy, Hickman, Meadows, Marshall

Math Team - Sponsor: Smith

New Teacher Mentor: Hickman

NCSS - Sponsors: Agee & Hackney

NHS - Sponsors: Barnett & Brown

NOAH's Promise - Sponsors: Newton

One-Stop Night: Rippy & A Spears

Panther Nation - Sponsor: Smart

Panther Parent eNewsletter & Facebook: Peterson

Peer Mediators: Kennedy & E. Miller

Quarterback Club - Parent & Community Support Club for the PHS Football Team:  Latimer

Renaissance - Sponsors: PHS Faculty

RTI Team: Meadows, Hickman, Wheeler, Hardin, Marshall, Butler, D Miller, School Psychologist

School Website: Peterson

Skills USA - Sponsor: Moyher

Soccer - Boys: C Tucker

Soccer - Girls: R Goostree & Gilliland

Softball: Tomlinson, Keith, McGee, England, & Shaff

Special Olympics - Sponsors: Cook & Jackson

Speech Team - Sponsors: Starnes, M Allen, & J Smith

Sports Website: Smart

STARS - Sponsor: Newton

STEM Club - Sponsor: Coots

STEM Focus Educator: Coots

STS: Keith

STUCO (Student Council) - Sponsors: Thornton & Kawolski

Teacher Leaders:  Coots &  W Goostree

Textbooks: Creek

Theatre/Production: M Allen

Thursday's Thoughts:  Peterson

Track - Boys: Scheib

Track - Girls: Scheib

Volleyball: R Lesemann & G Lesemann

Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League: Dyer, McCoin, Starnes, & M Allen

Work-Based Learning: Coots

Yearbook - Sponsor: Hartle

Mission Statement

Portland High School will strive to engage learners through unique, diverse, and differentiated opportunities, connect students to lifelong skills and trades to enhance college and career readiness, and empower students and teachers to embrace leadership and service roles in their local community.

Vision Statement

Portland High School commits to graduating college and career ready students who will serve as productive citizens for the community.