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Portland High School – Class Fees – 2019-2020

Common Questions and Answers pertaining to school fees

Q: Who is supposed to pay a class fee and how much are they?
A: All PHS students are asked to pay a $50 class fee for the year. In addition, if a student has a CTE (Career and            Technical Education Class) or a lab-based science class they are asked to pay an additional fee of $20.

Q: My child is on free/reduced lunch program, do I have to pay this fee?
A: No, if your child is on the free/reduced lunch program this fee is waived.

Q: What is this money used for?
A: This money is used by the teachers at PHS to provide necessary supplies and equipment needed throughout the         school year to provide every child with the best possible learning experience.

Q: When are the fees being collected?
A:  Between now and August 23, 2019. See below.

How do I pay the class fees for my child?

There are 3 convenient ways you can pay this fee:

1. At One-Stop Registration night July 29th and July 30th.

2. By sending in a check or cash to your child’s 2nd block teacher from Monday August 12 – Friday August 23.

3. Online anytime at our website: phs.sumnerschools.org

a. Click on the link at the top of the page called parents and students

b. You will see class fees and click on it

c. Pay the appropriate fee(s) and your done

Mission Statement

Portland High School will strive to engage learners through unique, diverse, and differentiated opportunities, connect students to lifelong skills and trades to enhance college and career readiness, and empower students and teachers to embrace leadership and service roles in their local community.

Vision Statement

Portland High School commits to graduating college and career ready students who will serve as productive citizens for the community.