Mr. Scheib's U.S. History Textbook

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U.S. History & Geography: Post-Reconstruction to the Present

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Rise of Industrial America

Chapter 2: The Progressive Era

Chapter 3: The 1920s

Chapter 4: The Great Depression

Chapter 5: Between the Wars & World War II

5.1 - 5.13 

5.1 Wilson Desires " A Just Peace"

5.2 Rise of Fascism & Totalitarianism in Europe

5.3 Isolationism

5.4 Roosevelt's Response to a Troubled World

5.5 Attack on Pearl Harbor Propels the United States Into World War II

5.6 Countries Involved in World War II & Major Theaters of World War II

5.7 Wartime Strategy

5.8 Individual Sacrifices Were Made by Many

5.9 Important Individuals of World War II

5.10 Japanese Americans Outcasted in Wake of Pearl Harbor

5.11 Women Answer the Call at Home & Abroad

5.12 World War II & African Americans

5.13 World War II at Home

5.14 - 5.16

5.14 Major Developments in Science & Technology During WWII

5.15 Tennessee's Impact on World War II

5.16 Manhattan Project

5.17 - end

5.17 Manhattan Project

5.18 Yalta & Potsdam Conferences

5.19 Formation of the United Nations and Cordell Hull

5.20 References

Chapter 6: Cold War

Chapter 7: Modern United States

Chapter 8: Contemporary United States


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