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Math Instructors



Sonya Butler - Room 415: Algebra II A&B & RTI

New Instructor Coming Soon! - Room 410: Honors Algebra I, Standard Algebra I A&B

Bretta Gannon - Room 413: Algebra I A&B

Sabrina White - Room 306: Standard Algebra I A&B & RTI

Ginger Lesemann - Room 405: Standard & Honors Geometry

Tehra Lynn - Room 416: Standard Geometry

Dr. Michael Hamilton - Room 411: Standard Algebra II & Algebra II A&B

Jimmy Parker - Room 412: Senior & Bridge Math 

Janet Smith - Room 408: Geometry B, Honors Pre-Cal, AP Calculus I & II, Honors Trig & Stats

Beth Thornton - Room 406: Algebra II A&B, Honors Algebra II

Ashley Whitten - Room 407: Standard Algebra I, Algebra I A & B, Algebra II B 

 VSCC - Room 405: Dual Enrollment Algebra Spring Semester


 Need a little extra help with your MATH homework?

Come to MATH LAB! Located in the Library Lab!

Monday - Friday MORNINGS 7:00 — 7:45 am

Monday - Thursday AFTERNOONS 3:15 — 4:00 pm



Online Resources

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(This allows you to access your textbook online.)


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Mission Statement

Portland High School will strive to engage learners through unique, diverse, and differentiated opportunities, connect students to lifelong skills and trades to enhance college and career readiness, and empower students and teachers to embrace leadership and service roles in their local community.

Vision Statement

Portland High School commits to graduating college and career ready students who will serve as productive citizens for the community.